Nestled in the scenic beauty of Hanley’s Farm, a community known for its picturesque landscapes and tight-knit spirit, a remarkable initiative is underway.

In a heartfelt endeavour to address the pressing issue of youth mental health, Fowler Homes, a leading residential group home builder in New Zealand, is currently constructing a unique house named “The Hope Home”. The construction of “The Hope Home” is not just another house; it’s a beacon of support for mental health, with 100% of the profits earmarked for the youth mental health charity, I Am Hope.

The Passion Behind The Project:

Scheduled for completion in October 2024, The Hope Home is a passion project for Fowler Homes’ managing director, Jason McGirr, and his wife and business partner, Jen. McGirr, a former policeman, draws his inspiration from the challenges he witnessed during his years on the frontlines and the alarming rise in suicides, domestic violence, and violence against children.

Motivated by a heartfelt plea made by Mike King on the Rock radio station, McGirr felt compelled to take action. King’s tearful plea, broadcasted leading up to Gumboot Friday, struck a chord with McGirr, pushing him to address a nationwide problem that affects us all.

The Vision Behind The Hope Home:

The Hope Home is not just a house; it’s a symbol of hope and community support. McGirr envisions the project selling for over $1.75 million, with a unique dual-income opportunity for investors. The house, comprising a three-bedroom main house and a two-bedroom attached unit, is designed to accommodate two families. Fully furnished and featuring special additions, The Hope Home aims to attract investors willing to pay above market value to support the cause and make significant gains in the years to come.

Community Support and Solidarity:

Backed by Fowler Homes’ close-knit team and supported by over 30 generous suppliers who donated construction materials, The Hope Home showcases the power of community and businesses coming together for a worthy cause. The goal is not only to build a house but to create a beacon of support for mental health awareness in New Zealand.

I Am Hope founder Mike King expresses gratitude for the remarkable and desperately needed gesture, especially during these challenging economic times. Initiatives like The Hope Home play a vital role in raising awareness and providing crucial help to young people in need.

Looking Towards the Future:

The Hope Home will be auctioned in October 2024, with profits to be announced on Gumboot Friday. Fowler Homes and its partners are hopeful that the project will not only contribute to youth mental health initiatives but also inspire others in the community to use their capacities for positive impact. In the words of Jason McGirr, “If enough of us step up, the ripples will eventually lead to the change we so desperately need”.

As The Hope Home takes shape against the backdrop of Hanley’s Farm, it serves as a testament to the unwavering spirit and compassion of this community. Fowler Homes and its collaborators are not just building a house; they are constructing a haven for mental health support that echoes the values and unity of Hanley’s Farm, fostering hope and positive change for generations to come.