Our top five tips for growing your own herbs

Elevate your cooking and add a touch of nature to your home with a herb garden.

If you are a beginner green thumb or looking to teach the kids about growing their own plants, a herb garden can be a great place to begin your gardening journey.

1. Choosing your herbs: The great thing about herbs is that they are easy to grow and maintain. When it comes to choosing your herbs, begin with what you would regularly include in your cooking. We suggest beginning with Basil, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage or Thyme.

2. Selecting the location – Herbs thrive in the sunlight. When choosing where to grow your herb garden, make sure you select a location that regularly sees the sun, such as a windowsill.

3. When to water –Herbs will let you know when they need some water; when the soil becomes dry to the touch, give them a drink!

4. Keep them warm –Whilst picturesque, our New Zealand winters aren’t ideal for growing herbs outside. To nurture your herbs in the colder months, consider growing them indoors (this way they are also easier to grab when you are cooking).

5. How to style – Now that all of the practical steps are out of the way, here are some ideas for ways you can style your new herb garden to beautifully incorporate it into your home.





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