With the school holidays fast approaching, here are five fun activities that will keep small hands busy from the Hanley’s Farm team.

DIY flowerpots

Decorate your own colourful pots using pre-loved treasures for an afternoon of creative fun!

Any unused vases or pots you have lying around will do the trick, otherwise pay a visit to your local op shop which is usually a treasure trove for bric-a-brac.

Decorate pots however you like using paints and glitter. Inject some personality with feathers, gem stones and googly eyes always a hit with the kids.

Rainbow Pasta
While we generally adhere to the ‘food is for eating, not playing’ rule, rainbow pasta is the exception. Follow this easy recipe from website Tablespoon and get the kids cooking these school holidays.

• Pasta (we recommend spaghetti or pasta bows)
• Food colouring
• Plastic Ziplock bags

1. Cook your pasta util it is al dente
2. In a resealable sandwich bag, add 20 drops of food dye of your choice and 2 tablespoons of water (repeat this process if you would like different colours)
3. Once pasta is finished cooking, transfer to a colander and rinse with cold water
4. Transfer pasta into prepared resealable bags and seal. Use your hands to combine and let the pasta sit for 1 minute to soak up the colours
5. One bag at a time, remove pasta from resealable bag and rinse in a colander to remove the colour. Once this process is complete for all bags and combine together for colourful pasta!

Home movie night
Have a fun night in with a movie night for the whole family. Transform your kitchen bench into a candy bar complete with popcorn and your favourite snacks. For some added fun, try making your own cardboard popcorn boxes, just like the movies!

Pillow Fort
Remember when you were little and you’d grab blankets and chairs and create the ultimate indoor cubby house. An easy, no cost activity that will keep the kids entertained for hours, gather pillows and sheets to build the ultimate pillow fort! Using your couch or table, drape a large sheet over the top to create the roof. Throw in pillows and blankets and arm the kids with books and a torch – or go extra and add fairy lights to make it even more special.

Cupcake decorating competition
Host your own bake off with a cupcake decorating competition. Use a basic cupcake mix, such as [Insert simple cupcake recipe here} and your favourite toppings to decorate. For an added challenge, see who can come up with the most interesting combination of toppings!


Sources: https://www.tablespoon.com/recipes/rainbow-pasta/d7cb2f45-dea6-43e7-893f-6708e2dc10ec