Construction of the latest community addition to Hanley’s Farm, Howden Park, is well underway, with the space due to open later this year. With our entire community at the forefront of our planning and decisions, we are pleased to announce that the new playspace has been designed with the consideration of the QLDC disability policy.

Read on to find out more about the design of the new space and the accessibility features.


Hanley Farm Playspace Design Statement


The design is to provide graduated play for a range of ages and abilities, whilst several items cater specifically to those with special needs and in particular wheelchair users.  The intention is to provide a universal play space that limits barriers to use for all.

The lower platform is accessed via an accessible grade footpath.  Seating, shade, toilets and a BBQ will all be provided on the lower platform, adjacent to the open kick about lawn.

The top platform is accessible separately by a footpath and provides a viewing platform for all users.

The theme is of a glacier moving down the slope.  Ice cave landforms shaping with a geometric feel.  This bleeds into the more natural aesthetic either side of the glacier with DOC type huts, and ways through and up/down the planted slope.

The design intention is that the wider surrounding play space colors are natural and muted in tone and the gully elements and colors reveal themselves at a certain viewing angle. Conjure a sense of wonder and an invitation to explore.  The play features will not immediately reveal themselves.

The items that are specifically different and the age/abilities catered to are as follows: