The benefits of kids playing basketball at a young age

We all know that physical activity is vital for the growth and development of young kids, and team sports such as basketball are extremely beneficial to their health. Not only is playing basketball a fun way for kids to stay active, it helps them form friendships, learn to work in a team and provide them with an outlet for their energy.

The skills developed from playing basketball at a young age will benefit them in their personal and professional future. From toddler and teen to young adult and middle age, social skills and motor skills are an essential part of everyday life, and with basketball, kids can learn these early on in a safe environment.

What basketball teaches kids:

  • Playing basketball at a young age teaches kids what it means to be a good team player. As an interactive, social sport, kids learn to communicate with one another and strive towards a common goal together.
  • Through both winning and losing a game of basketball, kids are taught what good sportsmanship looks like, and how to be respectful to opponents. There will be instances in their life when they must compete with other people and playing team sports allows kids to understand the importance of humility.
  • During a game of basketball essential motor skills are continuously used. Playing requires balance, endurance and coordination, and kids can learn how their body moves. The more active kids are, the more resilient they will psychically be. It also teaches them about injury prevention through proper training, warming up, stretching and cooling down.
  • As a very social sport, playing basketball helps kids develop their communication and social skills. They learn how to talk to others, make new friends and it gives them an understanding of the different abilities of other people.
  • Most importantly through playing basketball kids learn that being active is fun. This lesson is crucial to their physical, mental and emotional health and the earlier they associate exercise with enjoyment, they are more likely to remain active throughout their life.

The benefits of kids playing basketball at a young age is endless. We all start somewhere, so get out there with your teammates, grab your ball of choice, have fun, and never stop playing your favourite game!

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